Discover To Sua Ocean Trench

Discover To Sua Ocean Trench

Discover Discover To Sua Ocean Trench

To-Sua is located on the southeast coast of Upolu Island in Samoa. It's surrounded by its beautiful tropical gardens. This rare beauty by the ocean is the results of the hard work of site owners Salati & Samuga Petelo Fiame (inset below). They developed the usually bushy family land and revealed one of the worlds great wonder "To-Sua" which literally means a Giant Swimming Hole. It's 30-metres deep and it's accessible via a sturdy wooden ladder to a platform from which swimmers jump or dive into the crystal-clear water populated with tropical fish. The pool is fed through a cave that leads out to the ocean washing in refreshingly cool water(recommended for skilled divers only to swim through).

Overlooking the southeast coast of the island with a spectacular view, it's ideal for wedding ceremonies, photo shoots and more. Other features includes a rock pool suitable for children, blow holes and lava field with great fishing spots and a small beach on the western side called "Fagaoneone".

A great place for a family picnic with traditional small "fales" (huts) to relax and enjoy the stunning view of nature.

Explore, experience, evolve and exceed your expectations. 

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